Sidekick Slide Scarlet Available Now For $199

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The rumored Sidekick Slide Scarlet (read: red edition) is available now from T-Mobile. It's just about the same as the regular Sidekick Slide, with myFaves support, QVGA display, microSD slot, 1.3-megapixel camera and all the Sidekick features that kids love. The phone's only major difference is the color Scarlet, and unlike the similarly-named actress, can be yours for just $199 with two-year contract. [T-Mobile]


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@OMG! Ponies!: I have actually had ALL the sidekicks starting with the 3 last June, I can tell you while the interface is very boring, the sidekick was a great phone. The thing however while updating ( it's getting a video OTA) is outdated. I put my sidekick lx up on craigslist and traded it with a guy for a brand new blackberry curve. I love the curve more than the sidekicks. I never paid for the sidekicks and I would NEVER pay full price for a sidekick, or even half price. I'm glad I got rid of it.

::hugs and rocks back and fourth her curve::

However I have a very sick sick sick obsession with cell phones and have had about 20 since last June. Plus I LOVE T-Mobile, I get GREAT service here and they are a good price and customer service is excellent. I can't say the same for Verizon when I had them. Over priced phones with over priced plans and you barley got anything from them.