Sidekick Users Getting MySpace App

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If you thought Helio was the only handheld device to have a dedicated MySpace app, think again. T-Mobile and Danger are planning to roll out a Sidekick MySpace app that lets you upload pics, edit profiles and do many of the things kids used to sneak into Apple stores for for.


Sidekick 3 and Sidekick iD users will be able to grab it, and the Sidekick Slide (a.k.a. Zante) will get this installed by default.

T-Mobile FAQ Page [T-Mobile via Boy Genius Report via Crunchgear]


Am I the only one that hate's myspace but loves Facebook?

I like Facebook but I don't love it. And it surely isn't important enough to warrant an app for my phone. I can live without it until I get home. And really, I talk to my friends on the phone and via e-mail so it's really not a necessity at all.