Silk and Spider-Woman Will Join the Spider-Gwen Spinoff Movie

Ciny, Jessica, and Gwen are teaming up in their own female-lead Spider-film.
Ciny, Jessica, and Gwen are teaming up in their own female-lead Spider-film.
Image: Stacey Lee (Marvel Comics)

Good news, Into the Spider-Verse fans: Gwen’s solo adventure is bringing in some top-tier Spider-talent.


While we already knew that Sony’s plans for Spider-Gwen will extend beyond the wild success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and into a solo spinoff for the character (that will include some extra Spider-pals), we’ve now got the first solid information from Sony producer Amy Pascal as to just who will twhip into action alongside the Radioactive Spider-Gwen.

As part of a wider piece about Sony’s revitalization of its Spider-Man movie stable—between its collaboration with Marvel over Tom Holland’s era with the Spider-Mantle, to the most recent critical success of Into the Spider-Verse, and the box-office boost of the not-so-critically-loved Venom—with Vanity Fair, Pascal confirmed that Gwen’s solo movie will see her team up with both Cindy Moon, a.k.a. Silk, and Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman. On top of that, Pascal also clarified that the plans for a live action film centering around Silk are still going ahead, and are unrelated to her appearance alongside Gwen and Jess.

We’d heard their names—or at least, their codenames—floated around when news of the Gwen movie first broke, but we’d also heard a few more names on top of that, like Madame Web and Spider-Girl (who, like the nebulously mentioned Spider-Woman, could have been one of several characters from the comics). So it’s interesting to see Sony confirm only three for now, but then again—the studio did exactly just that with Into the Spider-Verse, so it wouldn’t surprising if a few more Spider-Gals turned up for the fun, too.

We’ll bring you more on Sony’s plans for the Spider-Verse as we learn them.

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“Ghost-Spider” is a much better name for her than “Spider-Gwen”. I think Marvel Rising got that 100% right. Hope Sony goes with that.