Simple Image-Based PSP Exploit For 2.0-2.8 Firmware Released

The previously unhackable Sony PSP (firmware versions higher than 2.71, that is) has been cracked, this time, with the aid of a buffer overflow in the PSP's libTIFF image libraries. Technical mumbo jumbo aside, this exploit lets users of the Sony handheld run unsigned, homebrew software, which certainly can't be a code word for anything else.


The first homebrew application to take advantage of the libTIFF buffer overflow is a simple "Hello World" application: just load up the affected image file, attempt to view it and voilà—Hello World fun and fancy free.

Right now, only this "Hello World" application takes advantage of the libTIFF exploit, but it's probably only a matter of time until more, let's say practical uses are discovered.

2-0-2-80-Firmware-PSP-s-Say-Hello-World-as-New-Exploit-is-Found [QJ.NET - PSP Updates]

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