Siri's Long Lost Cousins Speak Up

Speech recognition wasn't a new prospect when Siri was revealed by Apple last year. But with the rapid proliferation of the iPhone 4S, its easy to forget about all the past attempts to bring talking computers into our lives.


Take a look back at some of the devices put to market in this video, as well as some lovely mustache'd fellows from the 80's and 90's. The clips come from the PBS show Computer Chronicles, which aired from 1984-2002.

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I never had any voice recognition software, but I loved the text-to-speech tools that came with my Amiga 500 back in the day. I would call up friends on the phone and then type my conversation with them and have my computer do the talking.

(They did the same in return, so I wasn't that annoying computer nerd guy to them. We all were.)