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Sitegeist Serves Up All Your Neighborhood's Not-So-Secret Secrets

Illustration for article titled Sitegeist Serves Up All Your Neighborhoods Not-So-Secret Secrets

Wherever you are, there's a swirling storm of interesting data churning invisibly behind the scenes. The new Sitegeist app developed by the Sunlight Foundation will dig up the best parts of that info for you and let you in on local factoids you never knew you wanted to know.


It's a simple idea really. Based on your current location, or a different location of your choosing, Sitegeist will scrub a mountain of publicly available data, chew it up for you, and spit easy-to-read infographics right into your mouth like a loving mama bird. So far the app has five different categories—People, Weather, Fun, History, and Housing—which contain tidbits like average and record temperatures, average rent per month, nearby places with lots and lots of Foursquare check-ins, and even the total political contributions by area people, split by party.

And this is only the beginning. So far the app scrubs sources like Census information, Yelp, and Foursquare, but the developers intend to fold in more and more information as good stuff becomes publicly available and accessible. The app is free for Android and for iOS, and it's a pretty little timewaster. So pick it up and take a few minutes to spy on your neighbors'...collective Census information. It's fun; trust me.

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Eric Limer

I have to say I like this implementation of the idea a bit more than Field Trip, which wouldn't stop yelling at me every time I so much as left the house.