Six Ton Walking Spider Takes Passengers on Giant Robot Rides

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Martin Montesano's giant "Walking Beast" isn't the first robot spider ever made, but it is the only one I can recall that is this enormous and has the ability to take on passengers. His 12,000-pound, 23-foot-long creation was built over the course of three years at an expense of $50,000-and it can carry up to six passengers in its steel belly and two (including the driver) in the head.

If you are fortunate enough to actually ride in the Walking Beast, don't expect heart-pounding, edge of your seat thrills. Its Chevy V8 engine only musters up enough power to move the steel behemoth along at around 5 mph-although it does shake the ground up to 500 feet away with each step. Montesano is planning on making some upgrades to the Walking Beast in the near future, including an elevator system to load passengers. Perhaps he should start touring the country offering rides at $10 a pop-sort of like a nerdy adult version of pony rides at a state fair. [Pop Sci]


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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

I'd like to rent this for the purpose of crushing my enemies beneath its remorseless steely tread. Topless Burning Man Lady can ride shotgun.