If you've got one of those 400 MHz HTC TyTN badboys, head on over to Skype to download their new version 2.1 for PocketPC devices. Among the improvements:

  • One click Skype access: A Skype icon on the device home screen allows users to view and call contacts easily.
  • Multi-person chat: Users can have multi-person chat sessions using animated emoticons with colleagues, friends and family and when mobile users are offline, chat messages will automatically update the next time user logs in.
  • Enhanced contact list: Users can now see their contacts avatars and mood messages.
  • Profile personalization: Users have the ability to take a picture with the camera on their mobile device and immediately update their profile.


We especially like being able to tell everyone that our mood for today is sulky with a slight chance of brooding.

Product Page [Skype via Crunchgear]