Skype For Mac Updated, Super Secret Preview Version Does Video

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Today Skype released a beta of their VoIP software for Mac OS X that offers a few improvements, including an altered, more Mac-like interface and better integration with Apple's Address Book.

But that's boring.

If you look around their Web site with a careful eye, you'll notice something called the Skype for Mac with Video Preview. Also released today, this special, possibly very buggy version of Skype for Mac finally includes video support. Apple's iSight is included on the list of supported Web cams, as is the Logitech QuickCam Pro 400. Skype is really stressing that this is only a preview, so if you do find any bugs, you're encouraged to give their developers all the information you can.


Skype for Mac with Video Preview [Skype]

Skype for Mac 1.5 Beta [Skype via Macworld UK]

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