SlapSee Sunglasses Are Like a 90s Slap Bracelet For Your Face

Remember those slap wrap bracelets that were banned back in the 90s? They’re back and slowly regaining the public’s trust with a handful of slightly more useful products, including a pair of folding sunglasses that can securely wrap around bike handlebars or, of course, your wrist.


The actual lenses on the SlapSee sunglasses don’t roll up—that would be a miracle—but the arms on either side do. With a folding hinge in the middle of the frames, you’re able to wrap them around your arm, your leg, or anywhere they won’t go missing when you’re not wearing them. SlapSee walks the thin line between novelty and practicality but manages to stay on the useful side of things.

And even if you manage to lose them, you’ll only be out about $40.

[SlapSee via Firebox]

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