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Though the RAZR Z slider phone has only been shown in Korea, it seems that folks there aren't taking to the new phone as wholeheartedly as Motorola would have liked. Though just .6 inches thick, with 2.2-inch screen, mega-pixel digital camera and MP3 player, it looks like it may be just a little too big for smaller Korean hands.

"My first impression was that the Z is fit for foreigners big hands, not for Korea s smaller ones. Its size is almost similar to that of the RAZR. But, the latter is okay here since it is a clamshell-type phone but a slider is different," a Seoul analyst said.


We've seen plenty of fairly-huge phones in the (presumably similarly-sized) hands of Japanese users, but they were primarily flip phones. Does it really make that much of a difference?

Motorola Unveils Latest RAZR Slim Phone Z [Korea Times]

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