Sling Throws Out Slinglink TURBO 1 and 4

Sling's just released the Slinglink TURBO 1 and Slinglink TURBO 4, two powerline network adapters so you can connect your Slingboxes through your home network by way of the electrical system. Aptly named, the TURBO 1 has one Ethernet port and the TURBO 4 has four, and will retail for $99 and $149 respectively.

We last saw the TURBO series in a Dealzmodo, but if you didn't manage to pick one up then, here's two more options for you now. It's a pretty good last-shot method to get your stuff wired up if you really hate wiring Ethernet through your house and your home's construction makes wireless networking impossible.


Product Page [Slingmedia via Crunchgear]

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How's this different from the 4-port unit that's been out for a while now? I've had one for about a month.