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Sling's Trio of New TV Placeshifting Devices Offers Lots of Streaming Goodness

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sling just unveiled a trio of new products, which include a monitor that connects to local Slingboxes over wi-fi, a receiver that catches TV streams over wi-fi, and a sling box that plugs into your set-top box via USB. Swoon.

What's strange about the three products is that it appears none of them will be available via retail channels. Instead, they'll all be provided from cable and satellite providers, who Sling hopes will follow Dish Network's lead.


The Sling Monitor 150 is a redesigned and repackaged model of last year's Sling Monitor, which connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, and pulls down streams from Sling devices inside your home. The 15.6-inch, 720p display lets you control and manage your primary DVR. Dish Network says they plan on being the first to offer the Sling monitor.


The Slingbox 700u is a Slingbox with a single USB cable—intended to plug into and directly interface with any compatible, internet-connected, set-top box. Sling calls it their smallest Slingbox available, and again, Dish Network plans on offering it first.

And finally, there's the Sling Receiver 300, which is kind of like a pared-down Slingcatcher, letting it connect to any TV and is intended catch Sling streams from Sling-enabled settop boxes, such as the fabled Echostar 922.


Because none of these will be offered via retail channels, pricing and availability aren't available. And let's keep our fingers crossed on Dish delivering the first two products to consumers. [Sling via Engadget]