Illustration for article titled iSlumdog Millionaire/i Crowd Scenes Shot Covertly With Canon Still Cameras

Talking about the process of shooting Golden Galaxy-winner Slumdog Millionaire, director Danny Boyle reveals that they shot parts of the movie using a "a Canon stills camera, which takes 12 frames per second."


They used the still cameras to shoot crowd scenes, since they didn't use actors, just waves people flowing by, and they wanted to get "in the middle of everything" while preserving a natural, unscripted energy: "If people see a stills camera, they don't think it's recording live action."

He doesn't get any more specific about what camera he used, unfortunately. I would think it's one of Canon's pro point-and-shoots, like a PowerShot G10 or SX10. But just think what he could've done with a 5D Mark II. [CNN - Thanks Nicholas]


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