Small Girl Runs Big Company: Meet the Charmingly Bold Bianca Caampued

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Bianca Caampued, Brooklyn businesswoman, professional party crasher, routine stunt-puller, and sometimes wearer of non-prescription eyeglasses (because why not?), co-founded Small Girls PR back in 2011. It all started when she crashed a random birthday party and was one of the last people dancing—along with birthday girl Mallory Blair. They got to talking and social-media-ing and Small Girls PR was born.

With work habits that include thrice-daily dance breaks, Bianca and Mallory make a living executing big-idea brand strategy and marketing capers (wearing prom dresses for 30 consecutive days, hitchhiking back from SXSW) for brands like Sorrelli and Tortoise & Blonde (makers of the jewelry and glasses Bianca's trying on in the office) and Pinkberry—and have a lot of fun while they're at it. So much fun that you may experience workplace/life envy.

Inspired by BlackBerry Bold, this original video profile will introduce you to Bianca, Mallory, Small Girls PR, and the wonderful world of cute, successful girls. Enjoy, and check out lots more BlackBerry Bold users' bold experiences here.


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