Smart Bra to Detect Breast Cancer Rapidly

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Anyone who devotes their life's work to ensuring the well-being of breasts and to fighting the honorable fight against cancer, in our opinion, deserves the Nobel Peace Prize over environmental activists that have a household energy consumption 20 times the national average. Prof. Elias Siores, director of the Centre for Research and Innovation at the University of Bolton in the UK, is such a fellow. He has invented a product called the Smart Bra, which is hoped will be used to detect the initiation of cancer-forming cells prior to any substantial proliferation.


The Smart Bra relies upon the science of thermography, which in this context is the detection of minor temperature changes that occur to the breast tissue. As tumors begin to grow, they demand a higher blood flow to develop. This increased blood flow will result in an elevated temperature, signifying the initial stages of cancerous growth. The Smart Bra will be made from materials that are sensitive to passive microwaves, similar to those used in remote sensing technologies, to detect the thermal alterations. The cancer-preventing bra will be worn instead of a "normal" undergarment, and will incorporate a discrete alarm feature to alert the wearer to seek medical attention if necessary.

Currently, controversy surrounds the science of thermography in cancer detection, as blood flow rates could be increased for a number of reasons. However, Prof. Siores' team hopes to hone the sensitivity of the equipment, while researching the intricacies of cancerous blood flow subtleties, such that this concept may come to fruition. Godspeed, professor. [ABC News image via Flickr]

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