Smozzy for Android: Surf the Web Without a Data Plan

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It seems unpossible but Smozzy is an app that promises to let you surf the web on your Android phone without a data plan. Wait...what? Yeah. Smozzy uses a combination of SMS and MMS to pull off the trick.

What's it do?

So you heard me right, you don't need a data plan to surf the web. You just need a SMS plan, T-Mobile (it only officially works for the magenta carrier right now) and a bit more patience than you're used to it's obv not going to be as fast as three or fo' gees). The way Smozzy works is suuuuuper clever. Though the app looks like a normal web browser with a normal navigation bar, the URL you type into the navigation bar actually sends a SMS to Smozzy's servers. The servers read that SMS/URL and then spits out the webpage you're looking for in a full fledged MMS file. It looks like the web, it smells like the web but it's really just a series of pictures.


Why do we like it?

Because if you're stuck somewhere with terrible 3G service, SMS is still typically reliable! That means with Smozzy you can still surf the web (or more probably read some articles to kill some time) when T-Mobile data dies on you. Or if you managed to finagle a data plan-free Android phone, you can use it when there's no Wi-Fi around. It's like the greatest backup data plan around because it doesn't cost you any more money (if you have an unlimited SMS plan, that is). Sure, loading websites is slower than the godforsaken EDGE days but it gives you the web without internet man! With links! And pictures! I'd support this app on the idea alone



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The Best

No data plan necessary!

The Worst

A bit slow