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Snowboarding Reader Meetup Tomorrow: Custom Gizmodo Zune Giveaway

Illustration for article titled Snowboarding Reader Meetup Tomorrow: Custom Gizmodo Zune Giveaway

The little reader meetup on Saturday April 5th (that's TOMORROW!) continues to grow. Alpine Meadows is hosting us, treating us to breakfast, putting up a big Gizmodo banner, and giving our volunteer Red One camera crew a snowmobiled chaperon. Olympus is sending us a waterproof 1030 cam to demo. And Brian from the Zune team is coming out with some demo Zunes preloaded with good music to shred to. (I've picked a few tracks, but the Zune team's own music experts are dialing in a playlist, too.) Even better they're giving away a few Zunes with custom drawn Gizmodo logos. Who would have thought this little event would get so much love?


• Nokia is bringing a ton of N95s for us to use.

• Smith Optics will be bringing some of their new hot swappable goggles and fan driven turbo goggles to test out, along with a bluetooth helmet and I think lots and lots of headbands. (Slope style counts.)

• JBL is giving away headphones.

• VuDu is giving away a box.

• I'll have a Garmin Colorado preloaded with Ski trail maps. Overkill compared to a paper map, but potentially useful for off-piste adventures and worth checking out in person.

• Zune'll come along with a few loaners preloaded with Gizmodo approved snow shredding tracks and those custom Giz Zunes to give away.

• I'll have one loaner of the Vholdr outdoor camcorder.

• Nacski might be setting up a bus ride system from SF.

• Silverado Systems is going to bring a pair of RED One cams to document the day

• I'll bring a Dash GPS.

• Olympus is sending a water and shockproof 1030 to test.

If you want to come as a reader or as someone who wants to demo some gear, drop me an email. It would be great to meet in person.


[Photo by PlanetxauSome rights reserved]

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I will only go if I can ride with nutbastard, and he promises to smoke 13 cigs in a row while espousing the benefits of a government sanctioned free market economy for drugs.

That, and I still owe him a drink from about a month ago.