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So Many Flavors, So Little Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Forget toothpaste. Now it's time to put some flavor in your life with Breath Palette. At $161 for a kit of all 31 flavors, who could resist? Looks like an all-natural idea for packaging toothpaste and then selling it for hundreds of times more than was spent to manufacture it. You didn't realize you needed this, but you must be getting bored with that same old minty taste in your mouth after every brushing, so now work some Indian Curry flavor around that pie hole.

When you face brushing your teeth with flavors such as a Monkey Banana, Sweet Salt, and Darjeeling Tea, you may want to just skip the brushing and have a snack instead. Some of the flavors on the 31-item list sounded rather appealing, though, such as Vanilla, California Orange, Cinnamon and Caramel. But we editors of Gizmodo will just stick with the toothpaste we have, brushing once a month whether we need to or not.


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