So Portland's Not Flushing That Urine-Tainted Reservoir After All

Remember when Portland was gonna dump 38 million gallons of drinking water because that one dude peed in it? Well, it turns out the city has had a change of heart, and the water won't be flushed—at least not just yet.

According to NBC News, the tainted water was diverted to another reservoir where it's currently being monitored. It likely won't be used for drinking but it will be serving a purpose: The water will be tested for quality over the next few months while Portland is required to take all its open-air reservoirs offline by 2015 due to new federal mandates. Oh, and due to heavy rains, the original reservoir was refilled rather quickly. Good old Portland.


Also thanks to NBC News, you can watch video of the dude doing the deed. The per-pee-trator, Dallas Swonger, urinates on the sloped wall of the reservoir, while his two friends actually climb over the fence, and one of them goes into the water. Of course, they also all take selfies. [NBC News]

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