So...That Supernatural Finale, Am I Right?

Same, Winchesters. Same.
Same, Winchesters. Same.
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After 15 years of being the seemingly unkillable constant of our great cultural reckoning, Supernatural has come to an end. And boy howdy, did an episode of television occur. Got thoughts on bringing 15 years of hunting to a close? Come talk to us, wayward sons.

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Hot off the heels of the whole absurdist fever dream that was Destiel being canon for about 30 seconds, “Carry On” was always bound to court some level of controversy as it tried to wrap up Sam and Dean’s story. Especially so considering that the finale didn’t really give many ideas of what to expect going in, given the climactic battle with Chuck the episode prior.

Yet, somehow, I get the feeling few people could have predicted what actually happened.

With the Winchesters doing the usual business they get up to—pie jokes, lazing around, eventually fighting some killer vampires in a barn—the finale takes a hard swing when, all of a sudden, one of the vampires impales Dean on a nail. Dean, unable to move, slowly bleeds out in front of his distraught brother. It’s not even a particularly big nail! And yet, this is how Dean Winchester goes to heaven (one surprisingly absent of the man who confessed his love for Dean a few episodes ago, who goes by unseen in the finale save for a passing mention).

The rest of the episode sees Sam try to process living without his brother, mostly by giving up hunting, settling down into a relationship, and donning a wig so bad that it makes Inhumanstake on Medusa look like Oscar-winning costuming. Passing away after a long life, Sam and Dean are finally reunited in Heaven, which is now, thankfully, a shared experience for the departed rather the constant relived memories it used to be.


And...that’s it. That’s the show, basically. It’s an odd one, to say the least—crucial characters just being sent off with little more than a passing mention, an arduously long death by shoddy barn construction (seriously, Dean has time to give a long, emotional speech).

Fans have already started airing their grievances about the conclusion online, but we want to throw it over to you: were you satisfied with how Sam and Dean’s adventures came to an end? Let us know in the comments. Or just post some Kansas, if you’re so inclined.


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I think this is a pretty poor excuse for an episode recap. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a beautifully emotional and simple ending in a lot of ways. The fact that he gets impaled on the nail and that it’s all so simple is part of what makes it work; Dean didn’t go down fighting in some big cosmic battle, but just in a simple fight with vampires, by sheer dumb chance. And it’s out of their hands that Cass and the others couldn’t appear due to COVID; original plans were for them to show up. While there’s definitely merit to the idea of them queerbaiting the audience a few episodes ago, I can’t help but feel this and that previous recap were written by someone who just popped in to watch the last few episodes of the show after a long time away, and hasn’t put it in the proper context.