Since June 2012, a parody Twitter account named @GizmodoUSA has lurked in the shadow of our real account, tweeting like a demented preteen version of Giz.

Each of the account’s 300 tweets is absolute gold.

GizmodoUSA is characterized by bursts of activity over a few days or weeks, followed by long periods of silence. Usually, the account springs back to life after major Apple news or a big Gizmodo story. The critique behind the parody is pretty obvious, right? We’re sloppy, childish Apel faNboyzeeee.


The truth is we fucking deserve it. We work very fast, and posts, even those that a few editors looked at, don’t always go up totally clean. Sometimes there are typos! Sometimes the takes are hot! Sometimes the opinions are wrong! We don’t feel bad about it. If anything the account celebrates the manic pace that makes us Gizmodo, and that’s fine by us.

The more pressing question, then, is who the fuck are you buddy? Who is GizmodoUSA? We’ve never known, and in back channels we’ve suspected plenty of former Gizmodo editors. But side conversations with the author suggest that they’ve never been affiliated with the blog.

This week, being Senior Week and all, we’re hoping we might actually figure out who is hiding behind the veil. In fact, just last week, GizmodoUSA piped up for the first time since February 2015 with some tweets.


Over the last few days, the person (or people?) behind GizmodoUSA have been increasingly willing to talk, probably because Gizmodo staffers old and new have been tweeting at the account, sliding into its DMs, and so forth.

Then last night, we started getting some real hints.

How intriguing! Scan that code, and you’ll be prompted for a password to unlock the encrypted information it contains. Our resident security blogger William Turton had the clever idea of trying “GizmodoUSA” as the password, which unlocks the following binary code.

01110111 01101000 01101111 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01101001

Which translates to:

who am i

The only other information we have is this cryptic tweet, which we have no idea what to do with.

Who is GizmodoUSA?


Apparently that last Tweet spells out Philadelphia in Navajo. Thanks sleuths.