So, Who's Canceling HBO Today?

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After eight years and just as many seasons, some of which were harder to justify than others, Game of Thrones’s abruptly concluded last night. Whose arcs were good? (Sansa, I guess?) Whose conclusions felt even remotely consistent with the set-up the show worked to achieve? (Not many!) And who is dump their HBO subscription from this day until their last day? (*Raucous cheering*)


At $15 per month, HBO Now is among the most expensive streaming platforms. Granted it didn’t exist until about halfway through the show’s run, but estimates on HBO cable packages are roughly the same price. You’re looking at around $1,455 for the eight years and one month the show ran—or a more reasonable $330 if you dutifully canceled and resubscribed for each new season. For big-budget appointment TV that might seem like a reasonable price to pay, but for most of us, the question now is if HBO is justifiable without the watercooler titan that was Game of Thrones. Perhaps not. Or, referring to the impending finale, as John Oliver put it more succinctly “this network is so deeply fucked.”

So, are you one of the potentially millions of people throwing HBO overboard today? Or are you sticking it through to watch the premier or the Watchmen series? Maybe, like me, you’re thinking of canceling now and resubscribing later for the return of the absolutely flawless High Maintenance?

Let us know below. And if you’re canceling, tell us what equally silly thing you plan to spend those $15 on instead.

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