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So You Think Your Gym's 5m-Tall Climbing Wall is Difficult?

Illustration for article titled So You Think Your Gyms 5m-Tall Climbing Wall is Difficult?

I'm getting an extreme case of vertigo just by looking at this photo of the 37meter high climbing wall in The Netherlands, which is reported to be the world's tallest.


Dutch man Eric Kieboom shot these photos by strapping a Canon IXUS 850IS to a kite and floating it above the Klimcentrum Bjoeks tower, which caters to experienced climbers as well as beginners. I'm not so sure you should be running before walking, but considering a day pass is only $14 I guess it wouldn't matter too much if you chickened out only a few meters above the ground. [Bjoeks via Eric Kieboom via DamnCoolPics via OhGizmo]

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Okay, I looked at the pictures of this thing on their site, and does anyone know what the hell that thing is in the right side of the pictures?

I know they took pictures of the wall from a kite, but that looks too thick to be a kite string...