Social Memories: The Thing All Your Facebook Friends Are About to Post

The latest annoyance on Facebook? It's an app called Social Memories that slices and dices your data and slaps it together in a pretty book that costs 19 Euros. It's way narcissistic and therefore will be huge.

Social Memories sucks down your Facebook data from June 2009 onward, visualizes it with graphs and charts and shit, makes albums from your pictures, and turns it into a book you can buy with actual money. It lets you know which of your status updates, photo albums and pictures are most popular (hint: the naked ones), when your friends birthdays are clustered, where your friends are from, who you take the most pictures with, and a bunch of other useless data that's still quite fascinating to look at, especially if you are self-absorbed.


The most interesting thing about it isn't what you'll learn about your friends (who are lame) but that you are quite banal. Or at least I am! Why, just look at my most frequently used words. Sadly, it is not set in Helvetica. I expected more of the Germans.


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