Soft Serve Cone Lamps: What? No Sprinkles?

Image for article titled Soft Serve Cone Lamps: What? No Sprinkles?

Inspired by Mr. Whippy, a UK-based ice cream seller, Alex Garnett created these hanging pendant lamps that look like soft-serve ice cream cones when you install a twisted compact fluorescent bulb.


The effect works particularly well with the smaller cones, but the waffle variety? I'm not convinced. I want to see a big scoop of ice cream sticking out of there, and while I'm all for ridding the world of inefficient incandescents, this might be the only application where they're still useful.

The $62 lamps are made from glazed Earthenware in either a beige or white finish, but only the larger waffle cone accommodates both bayonet and classic screw type bulbs. The smaller option is bayonet only. A little disappointing, but not as disappointing as the lack of options for a chocolate dipped version, or any kind of toppings. [Alex Garnett via The Awesomer]



Waffle cones are so disappointing. They always smell so good but once you bite into them they are completely flavorless. And the mercury from the CFL always leaks out of the bottom. So annoying.