Sok Overflowing Bath Looks Great 'Til You Get In

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The sok Overflowing Bath from Kohler looks so nice that it should be some sort of crime for your fat, naked ass to ruin the beauty of it by clogging the drain with pubes and littering the serene surface with bath toys. It's designed for two people, so you'll also need to find someone willing to take a bath with you.


It sure looks nice though, doesn't it? It can be yours for $6,000.

Product Page [via Red Ferret]

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Yes, it's being filled by one of Kohler's Purist laminar flow faucets mounted on the ceiling. It is, perhaps, one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a bathroom.

The controls are digital, and located on or near the tub. Press them, and the water falls as you see above. You can also mount the faucet on the wall, and it falls the same way, in a nice arc.

The Sok also features chromatherapy lighting, which looks really cool in a candlelit bathroom. It's an amazing experience, and their continuous stream of innovations like this is why I absolutely love Kohler.