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Solar Dragonfly Flaps Wings Feebly, Makes Us Sad

Illustration for article titled Solar Dragonfly Flaps Wings Feebly, Makes Us Sad

James Watts spends his time putting together fantastic insect-bot sculptures, and the Solar Dragonfly is one of the best. The solar panels running down the body actually power the wings, which are then kicked into motion using a pager motor. Sure, it looks swell, but we can't help but think the Solar Dragonfly would lose its balance whilst flapping its wings feebly, all the while wishing it was a real dragonfly. How would Disney have tackled that one? A solar powered dragonfly that wants to be a real insect—now there's a cartoon we want to see. Pixar, hop to it. Hit the link for some more great shots. [Clockwork Robot via Make]


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Perhaps the hypothesized Disney movie could be a "The Rescuers" prequel, with the part of "solar-powered dragonfly" being played by Evinrude (voiced by James MacDonald).