SOLo is Lounge Table and Solar Powered Charger For Your Gadgets

Of all the solar powered gadgets we've shown you recently, I'd have to say this is the most elegant. The Intelligent Forms SOLo is a lounge table (can we call it a coffee table?) and is simply designed to soak up the sun, turning it into stored power so you can charge your gear. Apparently left for a year in a "typical outdoor setting," it can store enough power in its internal batteries to charge up your cellphone 6,800 times or your laptop 168 times. Its got USB sockets, a car-style 12V socket and even a standard 3-pin mains plug, and the whole thing is weatherproof.


Better yet: the SOLo has LED lighting built in for subtle evening lighting effects, you can check on its charge status on its built-in LCD monitor, and it has a large device drawer so you can safely pop your phone, iPod or even laptop inside to keep it safe. For some reason it also has Bluetooth, allowing it "to collect, distribute and exhibit information on both the tabletop LCD display screen and wirelessly between computers and the internet"... and while we're not sure exactly what that means, it sounds pretty impressive.


It's in stainless steel and tempered glass with silicon solar cells and it's around 43 x 30 x 18 inches in size. No info on its price, but it's available through Intelligent Forms own website and considering one of it's suggested uses is aboard a cruise ship, it's going to be expensive. [Intelligent Forms via Born Rich]

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