Soltero: Communist Love Song

Radiolab's latest episode on the Galapagos is a real doozy: tortoise sex, Judas goats, and blood-sucking maggots. But if you're a journo nerd like me, you might be paying attention to the name of Radiolab's reporter, Tim Howard—not the U.S. Secretary of Defense (sorry, folks) but the same guy behind a much cherished song of mine.


The song is "Communist Love Song" and the artist is Soltero, Tim Howard's long-running musical outfit. In college, I had began listening to both Radiolab and Soltero independently, unaware of the connection between two opposite corners of my iTunes library. It was an offhand mention in the radio credits, I think, that made the connection for me. The sweet melancholy of "Community Love Song" was kind of perfect for those dorm room days, when we had so many hours to dissect our emotions, every development taking on the importance of a new world order.

The fan-made YouTube above sets the song to films of the Communist era, including Love is a Many Splendored Thing and Ninotchka. You can also listen or download more of Soltero's music on Bandcamp.


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Tim Soltero

Sarah asked me (Tim) how I got into radio...short version: was living in Nicaragua and got bit by a dog. Couldn't find treatment for rabies and thought "fuck..." but also "if I don't die of rabies I should do something I should do something awesome when I get back to the states." Something I might not have otherwise considered. Having no real qualifications to work in public radio, I chose that, and I smoke-and-mirrored my way into a Radiolab internship (back in 2009). Been there since, but I've still been writing and recording music constantly, too.