Some CEO: Apple Mulling Subscription Service for iTunes

The CEO of Intent Media Works is telling CNNMoney that Apple is "is seriously considering a subscription offering" for iTunes based on what's he heard in "meetings with people from Apple."

We're skeptical. IMW is "a digital distribution system that works with peer-to-peer networks." Why is Apple meeting with him? That aside, if he was meeting with Apple, we doubt they'd be too keen on him spilling the beans.


We suppose it's possible, but given that Apple just started offering DRM-free tracks from EMI and is blowing away other online music stores that do offer subscriptions models, we don't see why Apple would feel compelled to make a sudden aboutface on the consistent refrain that they have no interest in a subscription service. It could happen, but it probably won't anytime soon.

Wait, what the hell is Intent Media?

Apple changes its iTune? [CNNMoney via iLounge]

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