Some Droid X Screens Suffering From Display Defect

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We're not sure how widespread the problem is yet, but various users are showing some serious display defects on their Droid X. Some see flickering screens, others have pulsating bands, and others still are just plain broken.


Here's a flickering Droid X screen:

Droid X owners, have you seen any display problems? [Engadget]



Some users are also reporting that when they turn their screens on, they're met with a confusing glop of gimmicks slathered all over its operating system, obfuscating what should be a simple, powerful, and flexible OS and seriously handicapping an otherwise powerful device.

When questioned about the problem, a Motorola rep stared blankly back at the reporter and stammered "that's... that's supposed to be there," suggesting that the tech giant is burying its head in the sand on this issue.

More details as they emerge.