I don’t really like going on upside down rides, due to my mortal fear of vomiting. But you know what? It would be worth all the puke in the world to ride this massive Tourbillon amusement park ride in Switzerland. It’s called Starlight, probably because it looks like it could enable interstellar travel.

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Starlight moves a lot like the alien machine in the movie Contact, starring Jodie Foster and a skeptical Matthew McConaughey. Built by ABC Rides, Starlight aims to offer an anti-gravity experience by spinning you on three axes as high as 70-feet off the ground. Sounds thrilling! And just imagine—in an anti-gravity environment, your barf would just float in mid-air like a stinky cloud of lunch.

The only question is: Where’d they build the second one?

[Airtimers via BGR]

Image via ABC Rides

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