Some Pages Are Better Off Without Tag Clouds

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Tag clouds provide a quick visual summary of the most popular subjects on a particular website. Newegg's "Shopping EggXperience" forum gives customers a place to talk about their problems with the site. They make an excellent couple. UPDATE


Newegg's response:

Some of you may have noticed a few sites calling out the negative keywords in the tag cloud we have in this forum. (Gizmodo, Reddit, Huffington Post)

This was a conscious decision made when we launched EggXpert and fully encouraged as stated in this announcement post made back in April of 2007.

Shopping EggXperience was created as another way for our customers to seek help. Although we strive to provide the best experience possible, we hope that by helping to resolved each issue that arrives, everyone can see that we care about you and will try to go the extra mile if we can.

Thanks everyone for your time and keep the feedback coming ... good or bad!

P.S. If you want to see the positive, check out our testimonials (31,000+ and counting)

So, this will remain, as a funny thing, forever. Reddit]



It seems that people come out of the woodwork to complain, but people rarely take the time to praise. So I am not surprised by this tag cloud.