Someone Figured Out How To Turn Puzzles Into a Board Game

Puzzles can be a fun way to kill some time with friends or family, but there's no real competition until someone claims the last piece. How are you supposed to know who's superior to who? The folks at GameBrotherZ have come up with a solution with a board game called Tracktic that combines your love of puzzles with your love of victory (and rubbing it in).


Instead of racing to complete a still-life painting or an Escher sketch, up to four players compete to create the longest continuous path on the game board using their colored puzzle pieces. It's not unlike competing for the 'Longest Road' honor in Settlers of Catan, but with the addition of tactics that let you block other players or flip their pieces to integrate them with your own growing path.

It sounds like there's a lot of potential for frustration and back-stabbing, which are the hallmarks of a really fun board game. And you can grab a copy from ThinkGeek for $35, just make sure you have it delivered before the 25th because Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without family members sulking and pouting over their board game losses. [GameBrotherZ via ThinkGeek]

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