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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Someone in the US House of Representatives Wants to Make Star Wars Premieres National Holidays

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Star Wars is a religion, so it might as well be a national holiday, too, right?

Twitter account congress-edits, a bot that reports Wikipedia changes made from IP addresses inside the US Congress, recently shared a series of edits to some Star Wars pages. Several of them simply add that Kylo Ren is “a snack,” which I guess could be true if you’re willing to overlook his awful personality and penchant for murder. But one of those edits caught my eye:

The page has been edited to say: “I am introducing legislation to make the release date of every Star Wars film a national Holiday.” I checked and the line was still there, at least as of this morning.


That’s right, folks, we’re getting national holidays so we can go see Star Wars! Or this is probably just some bored intern who’s trying to keep busy while Congressional Republicans frantically figure out how to speed up the tax bill to avoid Doug Jones taking his newly won seat in the Senate. Besides, if we can’t even get national holidays for our own elections, I doubt Luke Skywalker is going to be able to wrangle one.

At least Wikipedia has confirmed that Kylo Ren is indeed a snack.