Someone Is Trying To Sell Your Grandparents Crappy Vivitar Film Cameras

From the same studio that made the Snuggie commercial, a hint that some company will soon be shilling cheap 35mm Vivitar analog cameras to your pep-pep and me-ma. Gird up your brain loins, nerdy grandkids, and be ready to educate.


I actually don't have a problem with this. My dad has a digital camera and he has all the problems illustrated in the ad, including the camera card filling up, then he simply doesn't use the camera anymore. I can show him 5 times how to transfer pics off the card, or just send him to the drug store, but he STILL struggles with it. It's just not sinking in.

My mom still uses a film camera, and I'm not at all motivated to move her to digital. She's totally happy, and I'm not burdened with attempting hopeless lessons on technology.

They are only charging $10 for this. Film is dirt cheap. If it were "5 easy payments of just $9.99 each" I'd be pissed. But $10 is not bad.

For some people, life is complex enough, and simple and familiar is a good thing. Kind of like using the checkbook at the grocery store.