Someone Please Make This Solar Camera Strap

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The modern DSLR requires so little power that, unaccustomed to the habit, you can forget to charge its battery. But this concept by Weng Jie would solve the problem. It's simply a camera strap with solar paneling.


I know—anyone could have mocked this up, but that doesn't make the idea any less great.

Consider, for instance, the USB-based cellphone solar chargers we've reviewed in the past. Ultimately, they're good in concept but a bit disappointing in practice. Cellphones simple pull too much power too quickly to make solar worthwhile in scenarios beyond emergencies.

This strap would be more useful as DSLRs require less power. But on top of that, the solar rig here has a lot more surface area (I'm guessing double or triple) than that of your average pocket solar adapter.

So with less power requirements and more power output, a solar camera strap seems like a pretty brilliant idea in my book. [Yanko Design]


Another solution to a non-existent problem. After 5 year's of DSLR ownership and travel all over the globe with said DSLRs, I've never (ever) run into a situation where my camera battery ran out of juice. Even if it did, I have 2 spares (fully charged) in my camera bag.

On a second look, I did notice that he's using a Canon. (both my cameras are Nikons)

Maybe he does need it after all


(Hides from the fanbois)