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Someone Please Manufacture This Self-Standing Toothbrush

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Looking at concepts for products can be kind of maddening, because no matter how clever they are, or how much sense they make, they're still just fancy renders. So seeing this self-standing toothbrush: really, really frustrating.

I don't consider my bathroom sink dirty, really, but still, every morning and every night, I gently set my toothbrush down so that its bristles are hanging over the basin. But the DEWS toothbrush, designed by Ryan and Harc, has a fat, weighted handle that keeps it perpetually upright, like one of those inflated punching clowns you bopped when you were a kid.


It's such a smart idea, it's infuriating it doesn't really exist. And if the designers had made it so that I could snap off that fat handle and use it as a protective little cap to keep my bristles clean when I was traveling—my other big toothbrush design nitpick—well, I'd be so angry I'd probably punch through my computer screen. [Yanko Design]