Someone Will Livetweet Vox Day's Debut Novel For Charity

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Before Theodore “Vox Day” Beale was the central figure in the Sad/Rabid Puppies Hugo Awards hacking, he wrote a series of religious-inspired fantasy novels for Pocket Books. And blogger Natalie Luhrs is going to live-tweet his debut novel, Eternal Warriors: The War in Heaven, for charity.


Here’s how it works: You donate money to RAINN, a charity that operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline. (Or to a similar organization in your own country.) You send proof of your donation to Luhrs. And for every $5 you donate, Luhrs will livetweet a page of the book, starting June 11 with the hashtag #readingVD. She will also republish her tweets, with additional commentary, on a chapter-by-chapter basis, on her site, Pretty-Terrible. If people raise $2,000, she’ll do the entire book. (She is currently at $920.)

[Update: In case it’s not clear, she will livetweet her reaction to the book, one page per tweet, not the actual text of the book.]

Here’s the back cover copy of War in Heaven:

Mariel thought she was the guardian angel of an ordinary boy–until the night an army of fallen angels took an unholy interest in her charge. Overcome by an angel prince of awesome power, Mariel can only watch as an even greater terror descends upon Christopher’s home then vanishes with him.

Christopher had never believed in angels, or even in God, Heaven, or Hell. But he had never imagined an angel like Kaym, with his hard-core style, terrible beauty, and distinctly unangelic disposition. Kaym has important friends and incredible power of his own–power that Christopher can share, if he’ll join their fellowship and take up their crusade.

And Christopher is willing. He’s tired of following all the rules, and being Kaym’s friend comes with some very appealing perks. In fact, once he has wings and the ability to fly, storming the gates of Heaven sounds like a lot of fun. Still, when he discovers his slightly out-of-favor angels are just as happy to be called demons, even Christopher becomes a bit disturbed…

Here’s your chance to support a worthy cause, and generate some entertainment for the entire internet, at the same time. [Pretty-Terrible]

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Ugh,Vox Day. I only learned of this guy recently but by god, is he a vile, repulsive human being. As such, I don’t think I ever want to read any fiction he ever wrote. I mean, just the first paragraph of the back cover is basically “weak woman gets defeated by strong man” As such, I may donate, but I will not be reading. Or at least I try to - my fascination for extremists and paranoia might work against me here.