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Song Limit Upgrade on Motorola ROKR?

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Observant tipster Evan DiBiase was rooting around the iTunes 6.0.3 binary file while lamenting the 100-song limit on his ROKR iTunes phone, and noticed some mysterious references to upgradePhone . One thing led to another and suddenly DiBiase found a link that led him to the iTunes Music Store. He saw the screen above, offering more tunes on a ROKR...for a price. DiBiase thinks Apple could have upgrade plans up its sleeve, charging extra to break through that unfortunate 100 song ceiling.


Other tipsters added that some Asian providers are allowing their customers only 50 songs on their ROKR phones, and that this is a page that lets them pay to upgrade to 100. One can only wonder if there is indeed some movement on this 100-song limit, though, especially with recent talk of a deal between Motorola and Microsoft and rumors of Apple's own 'Mobile Me' MVNO cellphone network.

Upgrade Your ROKR [3/25/84 via TUAW]

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