Sonic, that talented hedgehog you might remember for racing around at superhedgehog speeds or flamboyantly collecting golden rings, has a new line of work. Charging Wiimotes. God only knows where Tails has ended up.

Yep, that's Sonic atop Mad Catz's new inductive Wiimote charger, throwing up the deuces but looking none too thrilled about his lot in life. And why would he? He went from franchise superstar to remote jockey in just 20 short years. A sad story, his.


Thankfully Mad Catz's $49.99 inductive charger—which sports magnets to make sure the Wiimotes stay aligned and rechargeable NiMH battery packs that promise 15 hours of gameplay—is limited edition, so not everyone will have to share in Sonic's shame. I'm gonna just go back to pretending that he's one of those old celebrities you don't hear much about but assume are living in the lap of luxury on some private island, like Sean Connery. [Mad Catz via Engadget]