Sony Alpha 100 DSLR Field Test (Verdict: Great Quality Images For A Price)

Popular Photography first took the Alpha 100 into Alaska for a boat-test. Sony's on-board image stabilization meant he didn't need to take an image-stabilized lens with him, as it effectively added that feature to every lens used.

The seven features he found great with the Alpha 100 were: anti-blurring, the 10.2 megapixel sensor, the LCD, its easy operation, good battery life, lens variety, and wireless flash. Pop Photo agreed with these assessments a month later in their in-depth review.

The A100 provides the highest image quality of any DSLR for under $1,000—thanks, no doubt, to its 10.2MP (effective) CCD and Sony's years of experience making APS-format sensors and advanced image processing systems for Nikon, Pentax, and Konica Minolta DSLRs.


Check out their full reviews if you're thinking of purchasing one, but in short, the Alpha is a quality DSLR that Konica Minolta fans should love as it allows them to use their old KM lenses.

Sony Alpha Field Test [Popular Photography]

Camera Test: Sony Alpha 100 DSLR [Popular Photography]

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