Sony Announces PSP Cradle

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In retrospect, it's surprising this didn't happen sooner—Sony has announced the PSP Cradle for Japan. Meant to take full advantage of their 1seg tuning abilities, the cradle allows users to do the normal cradle shtick (charging the unit while outputting to the television, plus getting an IR remote). Arriving April 24th, the cradle with A/V cables will cost $62, while the cradle without will run $46. Yes, it seems a tad pricey, but Sony knows that the cradle addicts among us will just have to get one. [kotaku]


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FFS, are you 15?

So, what's the point of cradling a "hand held"? I mean isn't it designed to be held in your hand? Ok, so you're a cradle junky an outright cradle robber or just love your why not just get a Sony console then? Oh no money for that? No job? No Wife? Drinking problem? Uh...........where was I going with all these questions again?