Sony Blu-ray Player Delayed Yet Again

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Here we go again, where Sony delays its Blu-ray player once more. We told you about how Sony's $995 BDP-S1 had been rescheduled for an August 15 launch, and now the company has gone and postponed the launch of that Blu-ray player again, this time until October 25.


Our pale-faced yet lovable cohorts at Kotaku astutely wonder about the strategy of releasing this Blu-ray player just weeks before the release of Sony's cheaper Blu-ray-packing PlayStation 3 gaming console, which will sell for between $500 and $600. Could the BDP-S1 be a shill, set up like a stooge to make the PS3 look like a tremendous bargain?


Sony's First Blu-Ray Player Slips Again [Kotaku]

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