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Sony Bravia E4000 is a TV-cum-Digital Picture Frame for Home Decor Freaks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Sony Bravia E4000 is, according to the blurb, a picture frame with a TV attached. It "enhances any interior as an elegant artwork" and "creates a private art gallery experience," with its choice of six pre-loaded pictures—of course, you can upload pictures of your own—and is, I fear, the 21st-Century version of the mahogany-effect TV cabinet (pronounced ca-bee-nay.)

Way back in the good old days, was your folks' TV concealed in a piece of furniture so that Mom's decoration skills ("Hey Vonda, that TV cabinet really pulls the room together") would not be besmirched by a monolithic cube-esque thing with a gray square in the middle of it? Well, this is Sony's 21st-Century answer to the TV cabinet of yore. The E4000 is a televisual version of the frilly thing that extra-prissy women put over a box of tissues so, heaven forfend, visitors to the house don't think that you actually have bodily fluids.


Anyway, this televisual tissue-box concealer comes in three sizes, man-sized 26", 32" and 40", and has four different trims: Midnight Sky, Aluminium, Pearly White and Dark Walnut. The forty-incher also features x.v.Colour for better color, as well as PhotoTV HD mode, which will give you better-quality still pics when you connect your camera up to it. The E4000 is coming to Europe in a couple of weeks, and there's no price as yet. [Sony Europe via Tech Digest]