Sony Brings Out 5.1 Home Theater Sound System With Golf Ball-Sized Speakers

Demonstrating that fab things come in small packages is this Sony lay-dee, who's proffering one of the five golf ball-sized speakers of the HT-IS100 home theater sound system for your loving eyes to inspect. It's a 5.1-channel, three-HDMI input system and will be released in Japan on July 15 at a cost of around $870. Full details and a couple more pics below.


The small-fry speakers come with a subwoofer/amp with built-in 32-bit S-Master digital amplifier. Total output is 45W x 5 channels, with 100W x 2 from the sub. Supported audio formats include Dolby Digital and DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II, MPEG-2 AAC and linear PCM, as well as Standard, Multi, and various movie and sounds modes.

And if any of you are itching to make a joke about Ping-Pong balls, JUST DON'T, okay? [Impress]

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