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Well, it's true, folks. Not only has the Aibo been nixed from Sony's future, but it looks like QRIO, our robot with the third eye is also bidding a fond farewell. Here's the statement straight from the source:

Sony as a whole will be focusing on three core business domains: electronics, games and entertainment, with an emphasis on profitability and strategic growth opportunities. In light of this focus, it has been decided to discontinue the AIBO business. Sony is not planning any new research and development specifically for AIBO or QRIO products, but R&D for the elemental technologies (visual recognition, sound recognition, etc.) will continue for research on Artificial Intelligence. The knowledge and technology Sony has gained in robotics may possibly be applied to future Sony products.


We're also hearing some noise about the high-end QUALIA line being on its way out, too, although that might be a bastardization of QRIO.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Now maybe we'll get some cheaper LCD panels!