Sony Creates Frankenstein TV With Built-In PlayStation 2

Illustration for article titled Sony Creates Frankenstein TV With Built-In PlayStation 2

It's baa-aack! Sony's new Bravia KDL-22PX300 exhumes the PS2's still-enjoyable corpse and packs into its own base. The 22-inch set won't upscale PS2 titles, but supports 720p playback. It's an odd inclusion, but would probably be a dorm room dream.


The built-in PS2 will also support DVDs, of course, and the set's got ethernet connectivity for YouTube access—plus four HDMI inputs, three USB, and a Wi-Fi option. It's only available in the UK for now, but at only a little over $300, it seems like a steal to us—a perfect little set for not-so-retro gaming sessions. [RegHardware via Ubergizmo]



Sigh, I really don't understand Sony. The PS3 is what, 4 years old now? And they're still producing PS2s? Why?! You wonder why the PS3 never really took off like it could have, I put my money on a large reason being on the fact that they never killed the PS2. Microsoft on the other hand killed the Xbox dead in its tracks when the Xbox 360 came out. Is anyone complaining? No. Has it done a lot to bolster 360 sales? You bet. Maybe Sony keeps producing PS2s because their PS3s are retardedly not backward compatible.