Sony Cuts Prices On Their E-Readers Too

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Like the Nook and the Kindle, Sony is slashing prices on their E-Book Readers too. But even with a price cut, we'd rather use an old Kindle before we touch a Sony. Here's the full list of new, cheap prices:


The new prices are:
• Reader Pocket Edition is now $150 (from $170)
• Touch Edition Reader is now $170 (from $200)
• 3G Daily Edition Sony Reader is now $300 (from $350)

We were a little surprised Sony didn't have 15 different kinds of E-Readers too. [Sony]



I went shopping with my girlfriend for an ereader this weekend. I had sampled one or two in the past for a few minutes. But on more detailed inspection, the flash with inverted contrast before turning a page was really annoying.

Are there any e-readers hat don't have that contrast inverting flash at page changes?